my name is Flora Salvador, I am 22 years old and I am the coordinator of the Youth Network in Mozambique.

For eight years I have been part of Rede da Criança, the partner organization of Terre des Hommes Germany in Mozambique. I started my activism as a child, having participated in various advocacy and awareness activities on the issues affecting children in Mozambique. In 2013, when the Youth Network began to operate, I joined to it and from then on I have also been working to defend the interests of young people.

I participated actively in education campaigns for young people against evils such as child early and forced marriages, environmental problems, child d labor, among others. I am delighted to once again be part of a campaign through the Global Action Month in which we hope to raise the awareness of children and young people on environmental issues, an action that is aligned with Terre des Hommes' third Strategic Objective.

I am passionate about upholding the rights of the child because, from a very early age, I had the opportunity to give voice to the other children thanks to my involvement with Rede da Criança.