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Global Action Month

Promote children's environmental rights! Act now!

The Global Action Month on Child Rights (GAM) was founded in 2014 by children and youth of the terre des hommes’ International Youth Network. On the occasion of the anniversary of the UN Children’s Rights Convention children and youth worldwide claim their rights in the action month of November. Since 2014, the GAM has become the most successful project of the International Youth Network, which has been in existence since 2011 and serves the exchange of young people from the terre des hommes project regions and Germany.

For GAM 2018 the focus is on „promoting environmental child rights“. A healthy environment is a precondition for children’s physical and mental health. Without it they cannot grow up and become healthy members of society. Unfortunately, this fundamental right of children to a healthy environment is today being violated a million times over: owing to environmental degradation and the exploitation of nature, countless children have no access to clean drinking water or to safe food. Many children suffer under environmentally unacceptable living conditions and are constantly exposed to pollution harmful to health. More information you can find under


For GAM 2018 children and youth together with terre des hommes’ project partners are getting active to conduct an international campaign to promote children’s environmental rights. They join forces 

  • to mobilize for the adoption of eco-friendly behavior and sustainable lifestyles through community-based activities
  • to raise awareness on the effects of environmental destruction, degradation and pollution on children and
  • to advocate for the establishment of binding local, national, regional and international legislation that respects, protects and guarantees the environmental rights of children and future generations.

Please join us and get active for environmental child rights.

Promote children's environmental rights! Act now!

May we present

Name: Abisha

My name is Abisha. I started attending the children activity centre of HEAL, the partner organisation of tdh Germany India Programme as young adolescent student.
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About terre des hommes

The goal of terre des hommes is a “terre des hommes”, an “earth of humanity”. We protect children from slavery and exploitation, help refugee children, take care of the victims of war, violence and abuse and look after children’s upbringing and education. We support boys and girls whose families have died of AIDS, advocate for children’s right to a healthy environment and the protection of discriminated population groups. terre des hommes Germany supports more than 407 projects in 31 countries. 

Latin America


What does the Global Action Month mean for the Latin American youth?

Nowadays in Latin America we are living dictatorships where universal human rights are evidently violated. Our daily fight in our territories is a fight for the life and migration is a growing phenomenon in Latin America caused by economical factors, unemployment, civic insecurity, a pursuit of well-being and better life conditions, which is what in these last months violated our right to live. Nevertheless, as right-defending youths, even is politically chased, criminalized, deprived from fundamental rights, we keep creating and proposing because we want to build a society where the universal human rights are respected in a participative society without borders. In our region, the Global Action Month brings an opportunity for the youth to express their demands, make proposals of changes in favor of our rights and in defense of our territories. It means a way for us to have a dialogue with the adult world that sometimes underestimates our organizing capacities and being actors of change. Moreover, it’s established as a space for going in depth into certain topics that mean something after all year’s work. These spaces allow us to achieve child and youth participation in the community. It means an opportunity to show all the actions that we’ve been carrying along in our territories and training spaces which are, in fact, our organizations, to show how important defending our territories is and all what this means to make a better life for people that historically have been vulnerable due to capitalist, patriarchal and racist right-wing governments. For 2018 we have planned different actions and activities in occasion of the Global Action Month, such as: - festivals - fairs - banner painting - concerts - debates - carnivals - security workshops - painting workshops With all these activities we want to create bonds of trust, show solidarity to our fellow countries in the violent context we’re living in and support new forms of expression from the unique, artistic and creative side that’s defending the children’s and youth’s rights.


Global Action Month (GAM 2018) Southern Africa ready to explode! -

14 tdh partners! A massive 15-member Youth Network! Plans ready, set to go! November 2018, Southern Africa is ready for you! Every year the TDH International Youth Network (IYN) comprising children and young people in partner projects up to the age of 25, celebrate what they call Global Action Month every November! Launched in 2014, this has fast become an annual signature month in the tdh family across the world. The global Action Month, 2018 is running under the theme: “Promoting Environment Children’s Rights”. In Southern Africa it continues to grow in leaps and bounds with us the young people in partner projects across Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe initiating, implementing and reporting on a colourful diversity of themed activities. We then upload each activity report onto the GAM world map for posterity! The first week for most youth networks means going back to the beginning. We will do a refresher for old members and introduce new ones to what GAM really stands for. Using Radio, Television, Print and Social Media to launch the event and make certain every child and young person in our communities is aware and participating! There are even plans to run a radio advert throughout November month to keep the fire burning! The second and third weeks we go into the communities to raise awareness on the importance of protecting environmental child rights. Community theatre, newspaper articles, talk shows, debates, clean-ups, drawing and painting sessions are some of the activities that will light up Southern Africa. Young people continue to find more creative activities to engage communities including dumpsite clean ups and historical sites restorations as well as working days to help build education centres. The 4th week is the change week where we challenge communities to ensure they deliver environmental child rights daily. Vibrant marches, petitions and engagement with stakeholders to map a way forward will underline this critical time. As young people we not only want communities and stakeholders to know about environmental child rights; we also want them to actively promote these rights so that children get to experience them. For the children and young people GAM provides them with the platform to advocate for children’s rights. In Southern Africa, as young people we are the change that we want to see. Everyday!

What do young people do in the terre des hommes projects?
In Southern Africa child participation has become a common rallying point among young people as they agitate against the increasing scourge of child rights violations. They have formed their own structures in schools and communities to have their voices heard on matters affecting their lives. They participate in campaigns against ecological child rights violations, early child marriages, child labour, teenage pregnancies and child sexual abuse and exploitation.  They have adopted the new social media such as Facebook and WhatsApp as essential media platforms for sharing of information and experiences. One of the topics that is being taken up at different levels is children’s right to play.

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South Asia

Global Action Month (GAM 2018) in India

Every year, in India, tdh partners observe seven days of November as the CHILD RIGHTS WEEK starting from 14th November which is celebrated as Children’s Day till 20th November which is the Child Right’s day observed by UNCRC. This week is celebrated among our partners in India as a part of Global Action Month.

Like every year, more than 50 tdh partners in India are preparing to celebrate the Child Rights Week in this year as well. Partners plan various programme in this week ranging from meetings, trainings, fun fair, street plays, interface with government officials, rallies, creative activities including drawing, clay art, paper art, dance and songs etc with the aim to spread awareness on child rights in the community. The activities are planned and organised with the youth group members and children group members where they enjoy the activities and also sensitise their parents, friends and other stakeholders on child rights.

Following the GAM 2018 theme, partners have planned various activities related to “Promoting Children’s Environmental Rights”. Many partners in Northern part of India have planned to organised cleanliness campaign to sensitise the youth and children on importance of waste management and how use of plastic is impacting our environment negatively. In Western and Eastern part of India, youth are planning to spreading awareness on the importance of forest and grassland and how mining companies are destroying their environment. Similarly in southern part of India, youth will be doing save the water campaign along with other activities.

Many partners have planned for media advocacies on various issues related to environment. Few of them have planned meeting with government representatives where youths will be interacting with the government and will be asking them questions directly. As soon as the partners will be organising the activities, the details of the same will be uploaded on the GAM world map along with photographs.

Also one main event that will be organised by tdh and partners will be the National Youth Convention on Ecological Rights from 16th to 18th November in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh where around 100 youths representing their States will be attending the three days of Convention on Ecological Rights and how they can contribute towards Sustainable Development Goals in their area.

Young people engage for a pesticide-free agriculture in their village near Calcutta.

Terre des hommes supports projects in South Asia in India, Nepal and Pakistan. The region faces big challenges. The poor-rich gap has increased the last years and takes the fertile soil into political friction. Moreover the region suffers the consequences of climate change.

Terre des hommes has multiple working focuses in the region. We help people to deal with the changing nature situations, try to attenuate the consequences of the catastrophes and accompany them in the reconstruction. The main focuses in India are the protection of children against work exploitation and sexual exploitation as well as promotion children’s health support.

What do young people do in the terre des hommes projects?
Many terre des hommes youth groups in South Asia are involved in the «ecological children’s rights». In India around 3.000 young people from 13 states have founded connected youth networks. They want to increase the ecological awareness and clarify that the compliance of the ecological rights is the requirement for the life of current and future generations. Until now they are concentrated on the water and soil pollution and in the future they’ll focus on environmental pollution through plastic garbage and the use of pesticides.

South East Asia

Global Action Month 2018 and Ecological Child Rights in the Region

Southeast Asia is a region where biodiversity is one of the richest in the world. It is also in danger of massive biodiversity destruction caused by globalized capitalism, over-emphasis on economic development, expansion of genet¬ically-modified crops, deregulated use of chem¬icals in agriculture, proliferation of extractive industries and agro-business plantations, civil wars, lack of laws to protect biodiversity and passage of laws inimical to biodiversity, and the worsening poverty of local peoples. During the last decade, over 23 million hectares of forests have been destroyed in Southeast Asia with over 2,670 species of fauna and flora endangered or threatened.

This is why, over the past years, terre des hommes Germany partners have completed studies and researches on local indigenous wisdom and biodiversity, and have conducted several media advocacy and training-workshops on biological and cultural diversity.

The campaign, “Our Rivers, Our Life,” envisions and works with children and youth who are re-learning nature-friend¬ly indigenous practices and the intelligence of their ancestors to maintain diversity and balance. Through this, children and youth can re-appreciate their own iden¬tity and build them up to strengthen their communi¬ties from the level of marginalization to the level of self-determination.

For the Global Action Month 2018, the members of the Southeast Asia Youth Network (SYN) and the Mekong Youth Assembly will be initiating activities to improve awareness and understanding of young people on environmental issues that impact children’s rights, such as the effects of mega development projects (i.e. dams, plantations, mining activities) affecting rivers and displacing communities. There will be trainings, festivals, child-led research and environmental impact assessment, and awareness raising to be done in the local communities as well as on social media.

What do young people do in the terre des hommes projects?
Child participation is a cross-cutting theme in many of the projects in Southeast Asia and is given greater emphasis with the strengthening of the SEA Youth Network in the seven countries, the pursuit of the Child Rights Audit, the formation of the Child Rights Country Teams in 4 countries, the consolidation of the Mekong Youth Assembly and the involvement of youth leaders in regional bodies like the ASEAN Youth Forum and the ASEAN People’s Forum.

Ecological Child Rights is bannered by an ongoing regional campaign, «Our Rivers Our Life» (OROL), which is conducted in all 7 countries in SEA (Thailand, Burma, Laos, Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippines and Vietnam). Children and youth groups, both in schools and communities, are actively participating in this campaign through awareness-raising, community radio programs, formation of «River Watch Groups» and dialogue-lobby with decision-makers to promulgate policies towards better protection of rivers and the environment in general.


"Flight and expulsion, wars, environmental destruction, exploitation, violence ... Many children around the world suffer as a result. There is a lot to do for Weltretter (world saviors). You can help children in need! Children and Youth join terre des hommes in Germany and help us in fighting against exploitation of children and for a better world. How one can help? Young People found WeltretterTeams with their friends. On our site  you will find many world saving missions and action examples. More than 200 Weltretter are currently helping children in need throughout Germany."

What do young people do in Germany?
In Germany active children and youth are united in children’s rights teams. In approximately 40 cities all over Germany there are teams that inform about the work of terre des hommes and child rights through actions on the street and schools. Their main topics are street children, ecological child rights and child soldiers. .

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